Sinigang na Bangus Using Batuan

Batuan, bought from the supermarket

I have already posted about sinigang here, pork with a sinigang mix, and here, salmon head with gabi. I also made an effort and made sinigang from fresh tamarinds here. I even made sinigang rice ala Kanin Club! Talk about plenty. And to think I really don’t favor sinigang. I still like adobo the best. (Must make more adobo recipes then!)

It was from my trip to Iloilo that I bought some batuan. I already bought this before, last year, when I went, but I never was able to cook it. They went to the trash as they started going soft and black.

So this time, less than one week into my arrival, I decided to cook with it. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate dish, just want to try how to make it.

Boiling the batuan

All googled instructions informed me to just directly add the batuan to the boiling soup with the meat softened already. But won’t that be messy? So I went with my gumption and decided to cook it the same way I did the tamarind, and using the same process too, but using fish.

The difference between the batuan and the tamarind for me was hardly discernable. But there some. First and foremost, I tried some “ripened” batuan, those that have turned yellow and soft. They were still sour inside, unlike the tamarind that gets sweeter! After getting the juices from boiling, the batuan (which looked like a mangosteen inside) was meatier, hence, the sauce was much thicker. And a taste of the soup did come out super sour, but there was a hint of flower at the end of the sourness. And that was all the difference there was.

Straining the batuan

For one big fish, I used around 1 1/2 sandok of the batuan soup. So that measurement is not at all helpful, but you have to estimate 🙂 The soup was good, the dish was great. 🙂 I never realized so many things can be used for sinigang 🙂

Sinigang na Bangus  from Batuan

1 big bangus, scaled, cleaned and sliced
10 pieces batuan
3 tomatoes, sliced
2 thumbs of ginger, grated
Fish sauce


Boil the batuan in little water until they soften. Mash them, then strain. Allow to cool and mash and squeeze with your hand. Pour a little bit of water on them to allow more of the meat and the juices to come out. Set aside.

Tomatoes and ginger

Saute the tomatoes and ginger until their juices come out. Then add the fish, fish sauce, water. Allow to boil. When almost cooked, add some of the batuan juice, then the vegetables. Allow to cook through, then taste. Adjust seasoning. Serve with rice 🙂

Cooked 🙂

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